The Rubicon
Navigating the Future of Exponential Technologies


Building Mental Maps to Navigate the Future of Exponential Technologies



Many find it a struggle to keep up with the exponential growth of new and existing technologies. We often learn about exciting opportunities when it enters the mainstream lexicon only then to scramble to understand the concepts, build an official position and/or decide if it is relevant to our business and life. Our passion drives us to see the forest and the trees. Diving deep into granular details that make these technologies tick and see the overall trends of where it came from and where it will go.


In emerging technology fields like blockchain and AI, there are no experts. There are those with intense focus and understanding of sub-categories and niches, but by their very nature, they are too new and too dynamic to yet produce true broad knowledge experts and masters. So we work to understand the needs of the client and how the technology in question can apply to their business objectives and goals. We then focus attention on giving the right advice for intended goals.


These days, it seems a new startup pops up every minute, with fancy marketing and lofty ambitions. Those who lack the time and technical knowledge to tell the real players from flashes in the pan can need help choosing the one to invest their time or money into. We can provide professional advice and assessments on particular technologies and companies, comparing their pros and cons, and which choice best suits the needs of the client.

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