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Alex’s view on the development of AI is far-reaching in knowledge of the latest technologies and future predictions of changes in this field. He paints a precise picture of all the painful points that we will have to cope with during this revolution, and all the promising opportunities humanity will experience at the same time. His presentation skills really take you on a journey, where you as an audience are informed on all aspects in a very playful and visibly attractive way. When Alex gave his presentation to our diverse, international audience of the Dutch Business Round Table in Zurich, they were fascinated from the first to the last second.
— Esther Wapenaar, Board Member of the Dutch Business Roundtable
We had Alex over for a talk with some selected bachelor and master students. The idea was to give them a special treat for their engagement as teaching assistants in the prior term. And that idea worked out — Alex provided them with an energizing, informative, and motivating view of the future, especially regarding opportunities for them in the future labor market. The students particularly appreciated the notion that Alex combined the emphasis of technological developments with a focus on the continuing relevance of social skills.
— Alex Wagner, Associate Professor of Finance, University of Zurich